Create Your Own Terrarium Class 29th June

Create Your Own Terrarium Class 29th June


Date & Time: Thursday 29 June 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Venue: Mappins Nursery

240 Montague Rd, West End, Brisbane


Make your very own Terrarium, complete with living ferns, moss and unique pieces of stone, crystal and timber. Join Wilde's Creative Director, Caroline De Lore, in a hands-on workshop teaching you all the principles of Terrarium making, tools, materials and unique method of construction. Learn to interpret the materials and instructions in your own creative way and leave the workshop with your own unique and one of a kind terrarium and the knowledge to then create more of your own.

All terrarium supplies will be provided, as well as morning/afternoon tea and refreshments.

What you'll need to bring:

You're own glass (closed) vessel or choose from our range of glassware on the day.

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